We integrate systems

We put the controls right in your hands. Your home will listen to your touch or mouse click.

Family house

Light Control

lighting, dimming, setting preset scenes


temperature setting in individual rooms, remotely by switching off the whole system

Garage Doors

open, close

Electrical Outlets

automatic switch-off when the house is empty (safety), night-time power management

Heat Pump

setting the water temperature, integrating with other heat sources


Larger family house


Communication System

intelligent doorbell (automatic video door phone), access control

Air Conditioning

adjustment of temperature, humidity and airflow, adjustment of water temperature, counterflow, lighting, closing, lighting, closing


opening, closing the entrance to the land


Camera System

intelligent monitoring of your home environment, licence plate recognition



Office Building


Access System

turnstiles, card systems, access to doors and rooms, integration with payroll software (attendance control)

Security System

safes, central security desk


We design and integrate

We partner with leading suppliers of HW systems, integrating protocols and communication technologies.

HW Systems

Protocols and Communication Technologies

House Management

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