Software for your bussiness

Seamless integration of custom developed mobile, web, desktop, and server apps

Our portfolio

Software for your bussiness

We have been developing applications for corporate customers and institutions since 2009.

Our portfolio

We supply applications that solve complex problems.

Urban space of tommorow

Planning platform for city development. You get data about the territory, information about land and buildings. You will verify the designs in a wider spatial context. You will see the planned development in the area.

From the oven straight to the table

Solution for Bageterie Boulevard, a Czech chain of fast food outlets. At more than 50 branches of the company, our applications run on kitchen and dispensing monitors used for serving and serving food, and on information displays for the customer and their invocation by the staff. On-line service of end customers is solved by our own e-shop system based on open-source technology.

Smooth star events

Ticketing - powerful, safe and reliable ticketing system. It consists of the online tickets selection and purchase system, and the easy to use on site tickets control system. Meet and Greet system - take picture with star and get it quickly to you throw touch kiosks.

How we will serve you?

We have been developing for corporate customers and institutions since 2009.

Software Development

We develop software. For example, we recently created a system that allows surveillance of people accessing the premises and their control when entering the workplace. We give employees rights for access to rooms according to their scheduled privileges and monitor their movement around the premises. We know all about the movement of company cars and we work with records from the security cameras. We have the attendance data of employees and prepare data for calculation of wages.

  • robust bussines application (Java, .NET)
  • responsive webapps
  • mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • software for special devices (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PLC etc.)
  • specific HW integration (weight, barcode readers, RFID technology,cameras, electronic locks, printers, custom developed HW)

Smarthouses & buildings

We supply hardware. We integrated a system of personal cards with RFID tag readers to control door locks, security cameras, each user's computer, IBM data storage and many more. Payroll accounting, security personnel, their management and administrator of the system all cooperate using various pieces of hardware from different vendors. All connected from the reception, the director to the cleaning lady. We supply all hardware, including infrastructure, installation and construction preparation.

  • lights, heating, air conditioning and ventilation
  • garage door, camera access and security system
  • specific HW (scales, barcode readers, RFID technology, cameras, locks, printers, etc.)
  • atypical custom-developed HW (safes, transition boxes, luxury tables, etc.)

IT management and hosting

We care about our clients. We continuously integrate user requirements. We discuss new functionality with the client and propose optimal solutions. We regularly and often deploy updates and new versions. We manage servers, applications, PCs and laptops. We can arrange hosting of your applications on our servers and look after the network infrastructure. We proactively monitor the system and solve problems as they arise. In exceptional situations we intervene on site regardless of day or time.

  • software virtualization (accounting SW, CRM, etc.)
  • virtual servers (managed/unmanaged)
  • webhosting (Java, .NET, PHP)
  • private cloud

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